How e-commerce works and the correct understanding

1- Find a suitable product for your audience

1- Determine your target audience.
2- A study of the extent to which your audience needs the product.
3- Search for well-known international sites.
4- The quality of the product in terms of quality, quality and price.

2- Display the product on the platforms

1- Building an online store from scratch
2- Building an online store through ready-made platforms
3- Display products on popular stores
4- To sell via social media

3- Sales through the website or emails

1- newsletter
2- Nurturing the relationship with potential customers
3- Invitations and promotions
4- Choose the right email marketing plan for you

4- Receipt of payments and payment to the supplier

1- Connect your store to the shipping supplier
2- Linking the payment, receiving and tracking process
3- Link your bank account to your store to receive the return
4- Connect your online store to Google Analytics

5- Send data to the shipping supplier

When purchasing a product from your site, a copy is sent to the shipping provider to provide the customer with his tracking number.

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